Why purchase Genuine Parts?

For Your BMW to remain a BMW

Some things simply cannot be replaced by anything else. Suppose parts of exceptional cars – BMW – are irreplaceable. In order for these cars to be of service for a long time and to remain as safe as they are when given by manufacturers to drivers, even the smallest part has to conform with the quality standards of the BMW company. The quality and maintenance of separate parts and their installation determine the safety of the car, accuracy and harmony of its operation.

Reliable, safe, smooth and for a long time
Original parts of BMW cars are produced solely in factories of this company, and they are supplied solely by official representatives of BMW. You will not be able to purchase original parts in marketplaces or stores. Perhaps only in those rare cases when stores are given the right to resell spare parts purchased from official representatives of BMW. The advantages of original parts are obvious:

  • Quality and reliability is warranted – all parts are tested and certified in factories of BMW cars;
  • Safety. The appeal of the low price of non-original parts disappears when safety of passengers is taken into account, the safety is determined by quality of certain parts of the chassis and braking system;
  • There are no difficulties when installing the parts, because original spare parts are adapted for certain cars.
  • Long warranty period – even 24 months.

Expeditious and qualified help

In addition to the fact that original parts can only be purchased at the services of official BMW representatives, these services are worth addressing because of other solid reasons:

  • Expeditious servicing – when necessary, a required part can quickly be found in a BMW agency, because the necessary part is selected from the whole list of spare parts consisting of tens of thousands of items, using modern computer programs;
  • Parts of no-longer-produced cars – they are also offered by BMW representatives. Even when 15 years have passed after production of a model, suitable original parts can be purchased at official services.
  • Advises from qualified specialists at BMW services are part of customer services.


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