International Delivery

Any goods you have ordered in our online shop shall be delivered to  any adress in European Union countries by our international delivery partners DPD or UPS.

For delivery to other countries please contact our support team.


Delivery cost of your order  is calculated automatically in the shopping cart and it depends on:

  • selected Courier service;
  • delivery Country and adress (e.g. delivery to island usually costs more);
  • total weight of ordered items;
  • size of the package

You can check your standard delivery rate here:

  • Order Checkout
  • Shopping cart;

Restrictions on dimensions and weight of a parcel

Package length (C) min 16 cm, max 175 cm max 270 cm
Package width  (A) min 12 cm -
Package dimensions ((A+B) x 2) + C max 300 cm max 330 cm
Maximum weight per package of parcel 31,5 kg 70 kg

We are happy to deliver packages of larger dimensions or larger weight (when shipment includes spare parts as a windscreen, body parts, gearbox, etc.); however, these may be subject to a surplus delivery charge (to be agreed individually with each customer).



Your order delivery period consist of order processing and package shipping to your adress. 

We start to process your purchase order the same business day the order is paid. The time needed to process depends on the goods presence in the warehouse (you can see the status on our webpage after you select the appropriate item):

  • when all the items happen to be stored in the warehouse, we shall process your order within 1 business day from the payment date;
  • when some of the items are not stored in the warehouse, we shall process your order within 7 business days.

Shipping time is calculated automatically and depends on your delivery adress and selected Courier service. You shall be informed on expected delivery time by a phone call or by SMS in advance.



We usually deliver the goods ordered on time; however, there are a few exceptions, such as:

  • where the manufacturer delays dispatch of a spare part ordered; waiting period can last up to 30 days;
  • due to transport difficulties, or where the post, currier service, or other third parties are responsible; the, delivery period can be extended up to 21 days.


When accepting or collecting the items you have ordered, be sure to check the condition of both parcel and each item(s), and to sign an invoice (waybill) or other document on acceptance of your parcel.

Should you find any damage to the exterior of your parcel and/or item, or find any set of items incomplete at the time of acceptance of the items, make sure to make a relevant entry in the invoice, waybill or another document on acceptance of the parcel, and fill in a statement on damage / inconsistency of a parcel and/or item in the presence of our representative delivering the item(s) or a staff member of a courier service delivering (bringing) your parcel. Should you fail to comply, we shall no longer be liable for:

  1. damage to items due to reasons other than manufacturing defect;
  2. incomplete set of items, provided this can be ascertained through visual check of the items.

For any questions please call +370 612 48219 or email us at

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