Gloves Rallye, unisex

<DIV ALIGN=JUSTIFY>When the road heats up, these lightweight, summery enduro gloves help you to keep your cool. You’ll always have the upper hand with this mix of materials: robust kangaroo leather, goatskin leather and elasticated Spandex. And the shock-resistant hard shell offers the ultimate protection for off-road touring. Every detail of these summer enduro gloves has been designed for off-road riding. Two colours to match the rallye suits. Palm made of abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather, double-thickness in key areas; sandwich construction made of memory foam and a double leather layer along the scaphoid bone. Top of glove made from an elasticated and airy goat leather and Spandex mix. BMW Motorrad hard shell with memory foam underlay. Short cuffs made of goat leather, with velcro fastening. Ultimate ventilation provided by slits in the hard shell and netting at base of the fingers. Palm: Special seams prevent pressure points at the fingers. Lower hand not lined. Leather pads with foam cushioning protect the fingers when driving through foliage and also prevent wear and tear. CE-certified according to DIN EN 13594. </DIV>

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